Le Virunga


Maria was an expert in African cuisine. A native of the Congo herself, she wanted above all to succeed in opening her own restaurant, focusing on recipes found nowhere else. She decided to meet me.

African gastronomy

The idea behind the project was to introduce customers to African gastronomy in a place where they could immerse themselves and get away from it all. Through the “Plan d’affaires clé en main” program, we worked together on its business and economic model. We defined the main lines of her communication and loyalty-building strategies. Zoya, her daughter, decided to join her in the adventure. They shared roles to ensure the company’s dynamic development. One in culinary production and the other in customer services and communications strategy. CDER helped provide them with the appropriate management tools.

To conclude

They have made their dream come true by creating a space that reflects African culture and gastronomy. They are helping to raise the profile of this little-known gastronomic culture.