People regularly contact me because they want to develop their own franchise concepts, and it’s to their credit that they want to own their own brands. It’s important to follow certain steps when you decide to create your own restaurant franchise concept. Let’s take a look at the main steps.

What are the main steps involved in setting up a restaurant franchise?

First of all, if you don’t already have an established structure – I’m talking about a first restaurant concept you’ve created – you’re going to have to work on and develop your first concept. This will enable you to set up a structure, an operating procedure, your culinary theme and, above all, the type of catering you offer. At this stage, whether it’s a fast-food concept, a bistro, a snack, a coffee-shop, in short, it’s really important to determine which branch of the food service industry you want to enter.

During the first year, you’ll be fine-tuning your concept. You’ll be able to edit the various operating and management modes, so you can master your concept perfectly. The next step will be to prepare for the opening of a second establishment in a different location, to see if it meets customer demand. If so, you can begin your franchising process. Of course, there are important steps to take before you can market your own franchise.

What are the main steps involved in setting up a restaurant franchise?

To give you a concrete example, I have two young entrepreneurs who had already opened their first restaurant concept. They came to meet me to develop their franchise concepts. We decided to work on opening a second establishment, improving and enriching the first concept. Following the opening of this second location, we will begin the franchising process. We set up the necessary documentation related to the sign’s management mode. We will then focus on the recruitment and training of future franchisees, and on territorial development. The type of support and follow-up phases, and much more. In short, to ensure that our young restaurant franchise and its owners master the various operational processes.

Why start my own restaurant franchise?

The advantage for you is that you’ll own 100% of your own restaurant concept. Not only will you be creating your own business, your own job and paying yourself a salary, but most importantly you’ll be building your own capital. You know why you work.