This is an important aspect of the project. The people who come to see me regularly ask me this question. But the problem is, it’s virtually impossible to answer this question until you’ve started and made good progress on your restaurant business plan. As your project progresses, you’ll need to take into account a number of parameters to determine the amount of capital you’ll need to open your restaurant.

What parameters should I consider for my restaurant contribution?

The first is the cost of your restaurant. Based on this cost, it will be possible to determine the contribution required. The amount of capital required for your restaurant may vary according to the type of restaurant concept. It will be more or less high, and in some cases very high. There’s another important factor to consider, and it concerns you directly. Yes, because it’s also your decision as a future entrepreneur how much you’re willing to invest in your future restaurant.

When do I have to make a deposit for my restaurant?

Once you’ve established your business plan for your restaurant, it’s time to start your financial plan, and it’s at this point that your contribution to your restaurant will be essential. It will justify your capital outlay to future financial partners and, above all, demonstrate your commitment to your project. It goes without saying that no matter how big and expensive your restaurant is, you’ll always need a personal contribution.

If you need to draw up a business plan to open your restaurant, or if you need help finding financing, don’t hesitate to contact us.