What are the most common mistakes made when opening a restaurant?

I’d say the biggest mistake in opening a restaurant is the lack of training for employees. It’s important to consider that these will have an impact on your sales. I’d also like to mention that it’s important to return to a fundamental value of our business. We’re talking about customer service.

What are the most important points to consider when opening a restaurant?

I see many concepts where the emphasis is on decorum to the detriment of service and employee training. By the same token, creators choke on large investments and fail to train their staff to suggest and sell the company’s services/products to their customers. Believe me, the result is a big loss of money and sales. A good way to increase your average bill and give your team solid training in hospitality, service and sales. As a service company, you owe it to yourself to suggest your services and products to your customers.

Your employees convey the image of your establishment to your customers. It represents the first contact the customer has with us. Poor service from your employees means negative publicity in the very short term, resulting in lower customer loyalty, less goodwill and, by the same token, fewer sales. With another major point, negative publications and comments on various networks and review sites.

How do we go about training our future employees to open a restaurant?

It’s a process that should be an integral part of your restaurant’s creation. It’s vital to have thought through your recruitment strategy. You need to draw up job profiles based on your needs, and above all ask yourself the question: what skills do I need to move my business forward? The right skills in the right place often make all the difference. During interviews, questions will be tailored to the job profile. Recruitment will be based on very specific criteria, depending on the results you want to achieve. But the crucial phase remains the integration process. All too often, this process is neglected and staff left to fend for themselves. The result is an undifferentiated service and, above all, a loss of sales.

Of course, these are just a few points and advantages to consider when setting up your restaurant.