Have you decided to open a restaurant in Montreal and are wondering how to go about it? There are many comments about the number of restaurants, the difficulty of zoning, the cost of rents, strong competition… As you can see, the pitfalls can be numerous. The important thing for you is not to make the mistakes your predecessors did. So how do you open a restaurant in Montreal?

What are the common mistakes of opening a restaurant in Montreal?

Here we are, you’ve decided to open your restaurant in Montreal. So what are the mistakes to avoid? The first is not having a business plan to help you open your restaurant. Better planning of your project will not only increase the lifespan of your restaurant, but above all establish a viable and profitable business model. Another mistake is the lack of knowledge of restoration management. There is also a lack of standardization of operations. Poor menu management, poor cost control, etc. All these mistakes risk putting you in the notorious percentage risk of bankruptcy and closure within the first year.

How do you open a Montreal restaurant and limit the risks?

To limit the risks involved in opening your own restaurant, start by differentiating yourself from your competitors. Today, too many concepts look the same. Then ask yourself the following questions. What is my business model? What are the key ratios for better cost control? Do I need support?

CDER Montréal specializes in restaurant business plans. Over the past few years, we’ve helped numerous entrepreneurs to set up and develop their restaurants.

Don’t hesitate to call on a CDER professional to help you secure the various stages of your project.