That’s a fair question. Ideal conditions could represent the time period, the type of concept brought to market, meeting a demand and/or a need. Location can also be a factor. Like a district in full economic development. Let’s see if there are any other factors that will help you achieve certain “ideal conditions” for opening your restaurant.

Are there any special requirements for opening my own restaurant?

I’d say there aren’t really any special conditions, but rather a structured approach that allows you to progress step by step. Of course, certain conditions are important to the success of your future business. For example, working on your business plan and your financing plan are two major elements you can’t ignore. This is the first step you need to take, in conjunction with having a clear idea of your project. You also need to know who your future customers are. Finding the right location for your business is another point to consider. These include the type of menu, the service to be offered and the customer journey to be established. It’s also important to know when you want to open. And of course, let’s not forget all the administrative procedures involved in obtaining the various types of permit. As you can see, special conditions don’t exist in some ways, I’d say more “common sense” in creating your restaurant concept. The common sense of a thorough reflection of your project, taking into account the different parameters necessary for the success of your business.

Why open my own restaurant in Quebec?

There’s still room for innovation in Quebec’s restaurant world. In fact, I think that’s what we’re lacking at the moment. Too many restaurant concepts tend to resemble each other, in terms of design, menu… Depending on where they open, Quebecers are eager to discover new things and love gastronomy in all its different forms: bistro, food-truck, snack bar, café-bakery and more. Lack of time, the health aspect, eco-responsibility, locavore products, the advent of ready-made meals… are all factors that enable and make room for the creation of new, innovative projects.